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Rode Hill Fishery - For that perfect catch!

Welcome to Rode Hill Fishery

The Old Brickyard was originally dug in the late 19th century, the clay being used to make red bricks, many of which were used to build the Fussells brewery in the village.

Given the layout of the land and the natural watercourses, it soon filled up and has matured ever since, being steadily populated by trees and a wide range of local wildlife. Wood and Middle lakes were created in the 80’s, mainly to encourage more wildlife, and replanted with various types of willows. Over the years, and with the help of the many ducks and geese that make their homes down there, all three have built a healthy population of fish, mainly common carp and apart from the odd family outing, they have been unfished.

In 2012 we decided to turn a constantly wet part of the field next door to the Middle Lake into a purpose built fishing lake, connecting the water flow to the other three existing lakes. It was opened in May 2014 and is stocked with Common Carp, Tench, Dace and Perch and there are some mighty fine specimens in it. The fish we transfered between ponds, carp averaged about 8lbs. When netting a few submarines eluded us due to lots of problems with the nets in the Old brickyard (fallen trees and branches gave these beasts a place of refuge. We will endeavour to get them eventually.

We are a member of C.E.F.A.S, and not only do we manage the lakes and the fish they contain to the highest professional level, but so is the surrounding habitat to encourage a rich mix of flora and fauna. That’s why Wood lake and the Old Brickyard lake are being held back from fishing at the moment and will only used for re-stocking and the management of wildlife.

Our Lakes