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Rode Hill Fishery - For that perfect catch!

Rules & Regulations

The General NO’s

No Fires, litter, dogs, loud music, swimming or using the fishery boat.

Fishing NO’s

No Braided main line, lead core, standing when holding fish, bait boats, boilies, tents only Bivies, removing fish from fishery, sacking of fish, keep nets.

Fishing Rules

  1. 2 rods max
  2. Barbless hooks only
  3. Unhooking mats must be used
  4. Cars must stay in car park
  5. Must return fish to the water ASAP
  6. Rods must not be left unattended
  7. Water bailiff or duty warden will have the right to inspect tackle/ bait on request at any time
  8. Owner of fishery reserves the right to close fishery for work to be carried out or just routine maintenance by giving a weeks notice via notice board at fishery or on the website
  9. Pictures of catches can be emailed to the published email address so they can be recorded on the web site along with date ,lake and swim if you would like